soleil noir

08 May 2019

Illustration drawn for the cultural magazine of the BernerJura, Intevalles a magazine dedicated to the literature of the region Biel-Jura. A work made for the author of the show « soleil noir » from  Antoine Joly in 2019. Here are some views of the images made for the book

A lyrical drama in three acts, “Soleil noir, opera for a single man” is a hymn to life: the character of Francis Giauque (1934-1965) sways between distress and hope, despondency and exaltation. He sings, cries, recites, speaks and laughs to come out of his inner silence and return to the surface of his work. The musical show created by the Duo Du Zoo lets the light filter through the revisited trajectory of the cursed poet. Like a magic ritual to unhook a soul in pain. Antoine Joly and Johan Treichel salute a major poet of French-speaking Switzerland through a radical opera on the borders of art and madness.

opréra pour un homme seul
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